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Rewards for a better future.


Shop. Get free groceries. Save the planet.

When you shop for goods through the OhYa! App marketplace, you are connected to our caring partners in your community. Our partners offer OhYa! Rewards on designated purchases that you can redeem for free groceries! With every order of free groceries, you are also helping to create a better future for our community!


Together we're doing good!

At OhYa!, we're setting out on a critical mission to eliminate the 56.6M tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions that are created by food waste every year in Canada. The impact of food waste that occurs throughout the entire food supply chain is a devastating problem that affects us all. What is equally troubling is that 32% of lost and wasted food could be rescued to support the 4 Million Canadians that are food insecure and struggling every day to put food on the table.

To tackle food waste, OhYa! is partnering with grocery retails, local businesses who care about environmental and social impact to offer a unique rewards program that gives customers access to free groceries!

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"To see perfectly good groceries being thrown out in the landfill is a shame. We started OhYa! as a way of providing a unique approach to reducing perfectly good food that is typically thrown out, while making a positive environmental and social impact in the communities we serve.”

John Cowie, Co-Founder, OhYa!

Free groceries save the environment?

That's right! When you shop with our OhYa! partner businesses, you will receive rewards towards free groceries that help reduce food waste in your community.


Through the OhYa! Marketplace, you can redeem your rewards towards groceries that our expert shoppers proactively identify items that will potentially end up as food waste in the future. These are overstocked products, have slight blemishes, or approaching expiry.


As Canadians, we have become extremely selective when choosing products at the grocery store. We only select cosmetically perfect products and overlook items that have slight imperfections. We need to change our way of thinking and realize that slightly blemished products still taste great! To help make this way of thinking easier, OhYa! gives you your groceries for free! OhYa! picks, packs and makes your order available for pickup or we deliver them right to your front door!


Not willing to settle for OhYa! grocery goods? You can still join the cause by donating all or a portion of your rewards to someone you know, families-in-need, or an OhYa! charity of your choice!

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Interested in becoming an OhYa! Partner?

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