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OhYa! offers many benefits to your BIA, its members and your local community by:

  • Supporting local businesses by promoting sales with a flexible e-commerce platform and loyalty points program

  • Supporting food vulnerable community groups by increasing food supply and access options on personal or NGO level

  • Increasing environmental awareness by reducing food waste and GHG emissions

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"One of the key reasons why we started OhYa! was to support local business.  By meeting with local businesses and discussing their challenges, we have put together an easy to use platform that will provide increased traffic and sales.”

John Cowie, Co-Founder, OhYa!


OhYa! can be a key player in promoting your BIA and its members by offering to:

  • Increase sales - on-line e-commerce presence for any business large or small

  • Loyalty points program accessible to any BIA business member

  • Bolster BIA visibility in local area via platform promotion and social media capability

  • Enhance BIA standing in community by helping food vulnerable

  • Promote BIA as an environmentally aware organization


OhYa! offers your BIA members significant benefits along with key tools to enable success in our digital world:

  • Increased sales across selected product/service lines

  • Enhanced visibility in the local community

  • Marketing potential via OhYa! platform offerings on social media, email blasts

  • Positive community relations – food security and the environment

  • Loyalty points program

  • No upfront, on-going or minimum fees – strictly sales driven fees

OhYa! can help your BIA in strengthening and contributing to your local community by enabling:

  • Economic Resilience – supporting local businesses and local employment

  • Supporting food vulnerable groups at individual and NGO level

  • Protecting the environment by reducing food waste and associated greenhouse gases

  • Potential to generate open data to support local municipal and business planning